Why should you use Cloudways?

Cloudways hosting

Web hosting is an essential service for any internet-based or internet-interfaced business. Whether you are selling apparel or selling content, your internet business relies on a web host to connect your page with the rest of the internet.There is a good chance that your web presence is built on WordPress, the platform of choice for many bloggers and webmasters. While you can host on WordPress, hosting on Cloudways offers you additional layers of functionality. This kind of managed hosting helps optimize your sites page load times and security while shifting most of the administrative burden to Cloudways.What is managed hosting? Simply put, managed hosting companies will not only host your website, they will take care of the back-end website work that needs to be done to ensure sites run smoothly and securely. This includes complex technical work like cloud-hosting and data backups, which will allow your site to enjoy high uptimes even in the unlikely event of trouble on a specific server. The remaining work you do have to do can be shifted to companies like ecommtrics, who will take care of everything so you don’t have to.Why should you use Cloudways?

  • Cloud hosting means your site is stored across servers, meaning you do not have to deal with potential downtime in the event of a server issue.
  • Cloud hosting makes data migration easier.
  • Cloud hosting at Cloudways uses SSDs, which have shorter load times. This means your page load times will remain speedy.
  • Cloud hosting is easily scalable: if your site sees an uptick in traffic it is easy to scale up servers to meet demand.
  • Cloud hosting is geographically distributed, so your customers can get data from the servers closest to them, further reducing load times.

Hosting with Cloudways gives you access to the Cloudways console, where you can make decisions about whitelisting certain IP addresses, making data backups, and monitoring of real-time web traffic. You can also configure tools and services such as mySQL, Apache, and a variety of caching options. You can even install custom DNS management tools and email tools – but if this sounds like a lot of work, remember that companies like ecommtrics will manage these complex tasks for you, freeing you from the burden.

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