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WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin for beginners in e-commerce. It helps business owners to turn their websites into stores. You can use it to sell any type of product you want. When you add products, it creates product pages. Here are five benefits of WooCommerce:

  • WooCommerce is free: Anyone can download and install the plugin without fees.
  • Easy to use: It is a great option for beginners who want to sell products online. It can work with any theme and website.
  • Many features: You can get orders, receive pages, optimize your pages for SEO, include a blog, and many more.
  • You control your store: When you use e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, you are not in control of your business but have to follow their terms and conditions.
  • Analytics: You get metrics for most actions of your visitors to your store.

We can help you create your own store and get the best possible results in ecommtrics. Just take a look at our available services.


WordPress is one of the web’s premier content-management systems. Highly customizable, WordPress offers customers thousands of easy-to-use plug-ins which help you manage your business online. Lead management, contact forms, subscriptions, backups, e-commerce, domain management and hosting – WordPress is amazing, and powers a significant chunk of the internet.However, WordPress can be a lot to manage when you are trying to generate a web presence or manage a business. ecommtrics experts will help you make the most out of WordPress and utilize this tool to grow your site and your business.

Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads are the advertising program of Facebook, which the third biggest website by traffic in the world. If you can have a simple Facebook account, you can create a Facebook page and start placing ads. The chances that your target audience is already on Facebook, so it’s a great way to reach them. Below you can read the benefits of Facebook Ads.

  • Find your target audience: Facebook Ads allow you to target audiences based on their demographics and interests. If you know your ideal customers, Facebook will help you find them.
  • Many ad formats: You can test various ad formats until finding the one that works for your business.
  • Send traffic to your website: Facebook Ads allow you to send traffic on a website to get leads and sales.

Facebook ads are an effective way to find more customers on the internet. But you must target the right people and create great ads. If you need help with these tasks, you can check our services at ecommtrics.

Instagram Ads.

Instagram is one of the most effective advertising options available. With more than 928 million discrete users, and a platform that encourages engagement with visual and video media, many companies find Instagram to be a premier place to advertise.To help your ad find its target audience, buyers may choose from ads embedded in stories; single-pane image advertisements; videos, carousels, and collections; IGTV ads; Instagram Shopping ads; and advertisements in Insta’s Explore feature. Let us help you navigate this complex world and help your ads reach their target audience to drive your business forward.


B2B, or Business-to-Business, is when one business engages in commercial transactions with another. B2B transactions often occur in the supply chain of major industries, where one company sells a product or component to another. For example, when GE sells jet engines to Boeing, that is a B2B transaction.Another B2B may be providing a service, such as hosting, to a client business. Our experts will use their knowledge to help you set up a B2B platform to bring your business to the next level.

Cloud Hosting.

Cloud Hosting is the most modern iteration of solution hosting. Any web-based service or product needs hosting. Traditionally, web applications such as internal email systems were hosted on local servers that required local experts to maintain them. Now, most businesses prefer to host on the cloud.Cloud hosting is the hosting of your resources on external servers. This improves security, flexibility, and reliability of your service by outsourcing to a specialist. For example, if you are self-hosting a server for your app and it sees a 3,000% increase in users, you will need to spend time obtaining and putting up servers. With cloud hosting, these problems become somebody else’s problem. Tap into our expertise and let us help you manage your cloud hosting.

Clipping Path Images.

Clipping path is the process where you cut out the unwanted parts of an image and keep the most important parts. For example, you can remove the background, logo, shapes, shadows, etc. It is a technique that will make the image product-centric and helps you get more conversions. Here are the benefits of clipping path:

  • Highlights the best features: It’s critical to show the great design of your products or the best features. The clipping path makes sure that you highlight these parts.
  • Eliminate distractions: These distractions can be any negative parts of an image like shadows and irrelevant objects. They can make the product look less beautiful.
  • Change the background: White backgrounds are not always the best options. In some cases, you need to use transparent backgrounds to improve the quality of the image.

The quality of your images will affect the sales of any online business. If you want a quality clipping path, you can check our services at ecommtrics.

Website Maintenance and Support.

Websites owners must update all the technical parts of their website regularly and make sure that the security parts work properly. If something does not work or is not updated, the performance will not be good.

A low performance means that you will lose customers because they will not be happy with the user experience. Here are the benefits of a website maintenance and support service:

  • Software updates: It updates your themes, plugins, and any other technical parts.
  • Regular backups: It takes regular backups to make sure you will not lose your data.
  • Improve user experience: It makes sure that your website is fast and has a great design.
  • Security: Your site will be safe from any hackers and spammers.
  • Use new features: It can replace your old features with new ones when they are a better option.

For a top website maintenance and support service, you can learn more in ecommtrics.