Verify that Google can find your page

Google Search console

Google Search Console is a free tool from Google that helps you optimize your site’s presence in the search results. Search Console is not required for your site to be found by Google’s web crawlers, but it is helpful in ensuring that your page gets the placement it deserves.

Why does it matter for your page to be represented in Google search rankings? Most web traffic today originates from a search engine. Visitors frequently come searching for a specific item or piece of information. It is therefore very important that Google and other search engines understand what information and content you have available – you can generate a lot of traffic by capturing web searches.

How does it do this?

● Verifies that Google can find your page
● Confirms that the site indexing is appropriate
● Reports search traffic data, such as frequency of appearance, click rate, search phrases that capture your page, and other information that can be used to manage your search engine ranking.
● Reports incoming links
● Troubleshoots assorted search problems.

Having access to all of this data is incredibly valuable to anybody who is involved in the running of a web page. SEO specialists or marketing teams must engage with this data on a deep level to understand how to tweak the page to Google’s liking. Site administrators will find the access to information about errors, load issues, or security problems that Search Console provides. If you are a businessperson, freelancer, entrepreneur, or other proprietor, you might want to consider the value of outsourcing this tool to firms like ecommtrics, who understand these tools and will leverage them to help you succeed.



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