Search engine optimization by Yoast

Yoast Plugin

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a very technical field. It is also a critical thing to understand if you are running any business that has a web presence. Search engines are a major source of web traffic, making it indispensable to be optimized to their liking.

Yoast understands the complexity of the algorithms that major search engines like Google use to find and rank pages. Yoast’s console lets you enter a keyword or keyphrase you want a post or page to rank for in search results, and then scours your post or page to analyze whether you are using the right keywords, in the right places, with the right frequency. Yoast can even analyze your language and find synonyms to help capture analogous web searches and increase your ranking.

What if you’re optimizing for a search phrase, but nobody uses it? That does not add any value to your webpage. Yoast interfaces with Google and other search engines to find keywords and keyphrases that people are actually using to search the web, so you can optimize your site to the needs of the users.
Search engines try to contextualize web pages by analyzing discrete fields to classify things into pages, articles, organizations, and so on. Yoast takes their understanding of your sites content and uses it to optimize this filing in the places where search engines will look.

This is all very impressive, but why would you use Yoast? Search engine optimization is essential to the operation of any website. Yoast offers SEO that looks beyond content to optimize your website on the back-end and make it friendly to web crawlers. If you are ready to move your online business or website to the next level you absolutely must use SEO technology like Yoast. Even better, contract technical experts like those at ecommtrics to guide you along the way.


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