Google analytics is a free service provided by Google

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free service provided by Google that helps webmasters, site admins, and site owners explore data regarding traffic and activity on their website. This data is often thought of in ABCs: Acquisitions, Behavior, and Conversions.

Acquisitions data shows where traffic came from and how long it stayed engaged with your site. Maybe users coming from a search engine stay for thirty seconds, but users from Pinterest stay for five minutes. This is important information.

Behavior describes what it is visitors do on your website. What pages do they view? How many discrete individuals have viewed a page or post? How long are they staying, and what is your bounce rate? What takes users off your website? Analytics offers a Behavior Flow tool that allows you to understand how your visitors use your page, so you can adjust your business to real-life market data.

Conversions in Google Analytics are presented in relationship to established or set goals. Analytics will help you understand which users are converting and which are not, thereby allowing you further control over your business model.

Analytics can help you dive in to metrics like:

● Time on page
● Bounce rate (did they stay, or did they immediately leave for another page)
● Web browser, OS, and device types of your traffic
● Where traffic originated (search engine, direct links, direct hits)
● Current users on site
● Forms or other engagements from users

Google Analytics allows you to take this pile of data and convert it into actionable tasks for your website. You can drill down into analytics to see data across multiple dimensions. For example, perhaps a piece of merchandise or a blog post is getting a lot of traction in a certain city. You can focus advertising efforts and tailor content based on the data provided by Google.

Analytics requires you to install some javascript on your site, which works with javascript on Google’s servers to monitor user data.

These analytics are best used over time. At its core, any internet business is about marketing. Google Analytics helps you track user behavior so you can better understand how to optimize your business and maximize ROI for your business. Google Analytics works seamlessly with other Google products, such as Search Console and Google Ads. ecommtrics are experts on Google Analytics, and we are here to help you with this powerful tool.

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