Google Ads campaigns can help you grow your business

Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads is a foundational part of Google. While they are the dominant search engine and provide dozens, maybe hundreds of services that underpin the modern web, a significant part of their business is built on advertising. Google Ads campaigns are built using all of Google’s engineering and data mining powers and are highly customizable to meet your specific needs. Google Ads campaigns can be built as large and broad or small and focused as you want.

Google Ads campaigns work by promoting your business or website when people search for specific words or phrases. You begin by telling Google what you want: more phone calls, more web clicks, or other desired parameters. You’ll then tell Google where to show these ads: for a small service-based company you might select a radius around your business, or for a web-based or larger company you might want to target a specific town, county, or state. Google will review your requirements and begin marketing it for you.

It might sound prohibitively expensive to do business with a global giant such as Google, but it is surprisingly affordable. Google only charges you when users click on your advertisement. There is no minimum payment: you can set as low or high an advertising budget as you like and Google will do the rest of the work for you.

This level of affordability is an opportunity for small businesses of all kinds to engage with Google and leverage their technology into business success. Google’s machine learning technology underpins services such as Smart Campaigns, which use engagement data to allocate your advertising dollars in the most effective way for you.

Managing Google Ads campaigns is a business task that can be outsourced to other companies to free up more of your time for content creation. Companies like ecommtrics can take care of technical tasks like these on your behalf. While Google has made it simple to use their Ads campaigns, there are some nuances and some decisions that can be handled by technical experts to relieve you of the burden.

Ads campaigns can be delivered to consumers in three ways:
● Search campaigns: deliver a small text-based advertisement when someone searches for a relevant term on Google search.
● Display campaigns: these ads are small images or GIFs that appear on websites or in apps that customers are using. These ads will direct traffic to your business or site from related pages.
● Video campaigns: six- to ten-second video advertisements that play before or during YouTube videos.

Whichever method you choose, Google Ads campaigns can help you grow your business or website when used intelligently.

Google Ads campaigns

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