Create a multilingual wordpress site

Translatepress plug-in

The internet is truly global in nature. An internet user in the Netherlands can chat with a merchant in Tokyo in real-time. A company in Nairobi can do business with an Icelandic company without needing to worry about international travel, visas, and the complications of doing business offline.

For content-based businesses, or businesses that rely on their web presence, the language barrier can be of concern. If you want to take your business global or open up new markets, you’ll need to have a means of communicating with customers who may not share your language. This is where Translatepress comes in.

Translatepress is a WordPress plugin that can take your website and translate it into a plethora of languages. Utilizing Google’s translation API, TranslatePress will immediately and effortlessly translate your page’s content into other languages. If you speak English but want to cater to a Spanish-speaking market, or if you’re a Swede who wants to attract Swahili speakers to your page, Translatepress will help you reach your target market using their mother tongue.

Translatepress offers several add-on packages. Base version users will find a somewhat limited selection of translation options available. Users of the Pro version will have access to unlimited translation languages, navigation translation, automatic user language detection, and integration with the DeepL automatic translation API.

Worried about web users finding you? Translatepress offers an add-on package that will translate your content but also translate your SEO markers, so that users making a Google search in Portugeuse can find your page using their own language.

Translatepress is an invaluable tool for the webmaster who wants to bring their content, services, or products to those who speak a different language. However, the process of configuring Translatepress with your WordPress site can be rather technically involved, so you will want to outsource this task to someone else. ecommtrics is proficient in helping users optimize their use of Translatepress to bring their businesses to new markets.

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