Block malicious web traffic

Sucuri firewall

The internet is full of malicious actors. There are low-level annoyances like “script kiddies” and minor hackers who might mess with your page for fun, and there are also sophisticated criminal enterprises dedicated to hijacking sites, installing ransomware, stealing data, and so on. Any business who uses web applications needs to have an information security plan. A firewall is one of the most basic tools in the web security expert’s arsenal.

One of the best options for securing your website is the Sucuri firewall. Designed to block malicious web traffic, the firewall scans all incoming traffic and looks for patterns of abuse, known malicious actors, and other attempts to intrude upon the security of your webpage. With a constantly updated blacklist, Sucuri knows who can and can’t be trusted, and will even block attempts to scan your site for weaknesses.

Machine learning technologies are leveraged to look for patterns across a broad network of websites. Sucuri also monitors your site for “zero-day vulnerabilities,” or problems that are rooted deep within some aspect of your site’s mechanics. Server-side security prevents malware infiltrations that could subsequently infect your users. The firewall is an indispensable tool in the high-threat environment of the modern internet.

Failing to use appropriate security measures can expose you and your business to tremendous risk. If you are hacked and lose user data, you may suffer reputational damage or possibly be held civilly liable. If your site is DDOS’d or otherwise blocked, your business will suffer. And if you fall victim to ransomware, you risk real data loss and possible financial damages as well.

Understanding the ins and outs of web security requires time and expertise, so for many bloggers or website administrators, this field may be a little in-depth. ecommtrics’s technical experts have an understanding of how firewalls work and how best to configure them, which means you can focus on the more fun aspects of running your business instead of worrying about data loss or security issues.

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